The Casal Marià d'Olot hosted on Saturday the delivery of the fourth edition of the Colada de Lletres Awards 2019, promoted by the Garrotxa Cultural Association, which recognizes the work of some representatives of the Catalan and garrotxí cultural world. Inés Padrosa, the art historian, librarian and archivist of Castell de Peralada, is also a contributor to the Diary of Girona, was among the five winners. Among his tasks, the collection of "reference" biographies of the Empordà is particularly noteworthy Alt Empordà biographical dictionary (Diputación de Girona, 2009) and its subsequent digitization in 2018.
The IV Colada de Lletres 2019 award also valued the trajectory of the author, doctor of architecture and professor of the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), Joan Curós; cultural activist and author of several works related to Sant Joan les Fonts Manel Soler; of the writer, road engineer and former Minister of Public Works Pere Macias; and the important cultural task of the actor and theater director Martí Peraferrer
On the other hand, the four local institutions that worked "for the sake of culture" and received the award as a group were the Olot Tourism Initiative Center (CIT), the Film Collective Independent of La Garrotxa, the Municipal School of Music of the municipality and the Aoapix Association (Association of Friends of Olotins Amor del Porc i el Lamb) that promotes the recovery of traditions.
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